My Story...
Cutting through the information clutter to get your message heard seems to be tougher than ever these days. I know all about it, because I once sold office equipment in New York City – and selling one of the most competitive products in one of the most competitive cities in the world was, for me, the ultimate challenge!

    Day after day I faced the usual closed doors and unreturned phone calls. In spite of possessing all of the necessary skills for sales success – persistence, ambition, thorough knowledge of my product and rapport with people – my response rate was less than 1%.

    So I tried to be creative, and go beyond the usual methods of reaching purchasing agents, office managers and business owners. One day, I hand wrote a personal note on a funny greeting card to a particularly challenging prospect. Because it wasn’t “official” looking or in a business envelope, it looked like personal mail and got right through to him. He laughed, he called me, and I made the sale!

    To my amazement, this technique kept working – my response rate shot up to 65% and my sales increased accordingly. I knew I was on to something valuable, and so IntroKnocks was born – a company created to help you reach business people in an innovative, highly targeted way.

    Since 1992 the business has grown and so has our range of cards and services. Take a look and see for yourself – there’s a card for nearly every business occasion to help you work smarter and ultimately be more successful.

    Our Business Greetings have proven to be very effective tools for starting and maintaining business relationships.
I look forward to helping you succeed.

Randy Rosler
Chief CARDyologist IntroKnocks Corp.